Professional Carpet Repair Services in Santa Ana

We can repair carpet seams, properly stretch carpet, and patch carpets damaged by pets, and accidents.

Sometimes your carpets may need some more care and cleaning; they may need to be repaired. Especially, true for high traffic areas or rough commercial application. In these cases, Servicepro can make any repairs needed to the carpeting before cleaning. Many carpet cleaning companies do not offer carpet repair as an additional service. In case they offer, the repairs are not professional, they often makeshift and will not last. Servicepro can clean and repair your carpeting, making your carpet fresh and clean as it is newly installed.

We can Repair:

• Ripples & Buckling
• Frayed Edges
• Pet Damage
• Burns
• Berber Pulls
• Carpet Rips

Carpeting is a huge represents an investment in the appearance and comfort of a home or business. If proper care and maintenance are taken, carpet can retain its appearance and lasts for a long time. When carpet repairing is performed by our technicians, they make sure that to bring the carpet at its original state. So it will continue as the best asset.

We have 18 years of experience in carpet repair, so we are confident at delivering the best services. We have an outstanding record for excellence in customer service and satisfaction. It’s our goal to serve your needs so you can be part of our happy client list.

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If you are a resident of Santa Ana and looking for carpet repair services allow us to solve your carpet issues. If you want a carpet repair company you can depend on us to receive high-quality work at affordable rates. We believe carpet repairmen at Servicepro Carpet Cleaning & Restoration provides the best carpet repair services in Orange County. You can totally rely on our carpet repairmen to receive outstanding services and complete the task in a timely manner.

Our motto is to make each customer happy and satisfied with the work they receive. We strive to make sure each and every customer is fully satisfied with the work they receive.

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