Rug Cleaning in Santa Ana

Sometimes what you love the most about a room is the rug. We can professionally clean your rug on site or pick it up and have it delivered at a later time.

Rugs is one of the best asset that can add beauty and warm, welcoming environment to any room. Rugs are also known for the protection they provide to high traffic areas. Additionally, they will also add extra cushion and sound reduction in desired areas, particularly when placed over tile or hardwood floor. Rugs fall under one of the major investment costing hundreds of dollars. Additionally, some of the rugs are so much delicate that they need some extra precaution while cleaning them.

Servicepro Carpet Cleaning & Restoration team has a special unit for rug cleaning, which is specially trained to deal with area rug issues. Your rugs are subjected to the same amount of dust, dirt, debris, and foot traffic that your carpet is. Still, due to the unique nature of each area rug, it is not appropriate to clean them the same way.

This is where our experts step in.

Our professionals use high tech technologies which allow us to delicately but thoroughly clean each area rug. It clarifies that our methods are safe and appropriate even for antique or heirloom pieces. We follow a set of rules which help our technicians to eliminate the dust, dirt, allergens, and stains. We can also make any necessary repairs as an additional part of our renewal service.

We can assure you will be amazed how beautiful and vibrant your rug is looking after our cleaning is over.

Why Choose Us?

• We use industries leading product and equipment
• Technicians are specially trained for rug cleaning
• Quality control
• 18 years of experience in the cleaning industry.

So, if you are in search of a professional rug cleaner in Santa Ana, we can challenge no one reach the level of cleaning as we do. We assure you 100% guarantee satisfaction.

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